Frequently asked questions about buddy® waterproof limb protectors for wound dressings and bandages in the shower, bath and gentle exercise in the swimming pool.

How do I order my buddy®?

Choose your buddy® with our Product Selector or click the SHOP and choose your size.

How long will my buddy® last?

Be kind to your buddy® waterproof limb protector by following the instructions and it will last up to x 30 with careful use – once a day roughly one month.

***please note is you are using  your buddy® to cover a cast, rough edges of the cast must be covered with tubigrip/sock, pillow case etc***

Getting the right size and fit

Order the right size:

Choose your buddy® with our Product Selector or click the SHOP to view our sizing options.

***Adult measurements under 30cm***

Any buddy® cover that is size 20cm – 30cm is very small, please order a 30cm – 40cm.

Jane has a wound dressing on her wrist, she needs a buddy® to reach just below her elbow to cover the bandage that is 15cm long.
We recommend that Jane chooses a Medium arm, her measurement in cm’s below her elbow (around the fleshiest part of her arm) is 27cm.
Jane should order: Adult – Medium – 30cm – 40cm  Medium arm buddy cover. 

We are always happy to advise on freephone 0800 2700074/5 or by email or Tawk on this website.

How to measure

The millimetre difference in the seal size in in 10 millimetre increments so minimal, but to ensure a good seal always look at going up a size and make sure you are covering the bandages/wound dressings.  for example on lower legs bandages below the knee we  recommend you choose a long product – long leg for the best results.  These products cannot be altered with scissors, the seal will not work unless it is a clean circle.  



Getting the right fit

Your buddy® waterproof limb protector should form a 1 cm (at least) seal around the fleshy part of your limb. Please ensure the seal looks as above before you enter the water.

Note: ensure the contact area is as hair-free as possible and the seal is resting on skin.

How do I get the air out to submerge my limb?

By gently pulling on the seal as you slowly submerge your limb vertically – check the instructions

Where can I wear my buddy®?

In the bath or shower, or swimming pool (gentle exercise),  on sandy beds in the sea.

At home, on holiday, in hospital or in a care home, whether with limited mobility or active – take care of your buddy® and it will take care of you..

What length time can I wear my buddy® for in a single use?

There is no specific time limit, but remove your buddy® waterproof limb protector each time after use in water. After all, your buddy® is only required to prevent water ingress.  You can refresh the air in your buddy® out of water by gently pulling the seal open.  We recommend a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes.

How do I clean my buddy® waterproof limb protector ?

With an alcoholic wipe for infection control or rub gently with a towel, you can turn your buddy® inside out.

How do I dry my buddy®

You can let your buddy® dry naturally, or pat gently with a towel


Our products for amputees are suitable for below and above knee, below and above elbow, foot and hand amputees.  We are happy to offer advise on 0800 2700074/5

The below joint product is 51 cm long and would reach below the knee. The above joint product is 35 cm long.

Measure around the fleshy part of the limb above the stump.






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For any queries please call us on Freephone 0800 2700074 or email, we are happy to help