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Showering with Stitched/Stapled Wounds on Limbs

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How to keep them clean and dry…

with a BUDDY® waterproof protective cover


Stitched/stapled wounds must be kept clean and dry in the shower to avoid infection or re-suturing.

This can be difficult in the shower, but our waterproof  protective covers are designed for this.

They are latex free, soft, gentle and flexible

When submerged in water, and air is released through the seal, the cover clings like a second skin allowing flexibility in fingers and hands to wash.  Not just for covering legs & arms, we also produce an isolated wound cover for smaller isolated areas leaving hands and feet free.

If you need further advice:

Call UK Freephone 0800 2700074/5

Email: sales@buddycover.com

Talk via the blue chat window on our website – we will always come back to you ASAP if we are not available immediately


Beach buddy®

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Beach buddy® – a waterproof cover to protect wound dressings on legs and arms from sand & water 

Don’t miss out sitting on the beach. Keep your dressings clean & dry with a buddy® cover

It is disheartening to sit on the side lines watching everyone else enjoy the beach. Nearly all of us will experience this at some point in our lives due to a limb injury of some kind.  buddy® covers can help…

beach buddy® is a waterproof cover for wound dressings that is soft & flexible, acting like a second skin

 Click here to view our product range. 

We recommend using buddy® an hour at a time.  The air can be refreshed inside periodically by gently pulling the corner seal  to keep the limb cool, or you can cool down paddling in the sea.

buddy® waterproof wound cover - beach buddy
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Latest News – PICC line/Isolated wound cover – new design

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We have re-designed & improved the PICC line/Isolated wound cover which has strengthened the apertures to give more protection for wound dressings/bandages & PICC lines on smaller isolated areas on limbs

With our manufacturing associates, Arrow Medical we are constantly looking at innovative new designs & products to add to the buddy® range.

35 cm long in the following size apertures:-

CC/30/20 – Limb circumference up to 27cm (very small)

CC/40/30 – Medium to fit limb circumference up to 40cm

CC/50/40 – Large up to 50cm

CC/60/50 – Extra large – up to 60cm

Available on Prescription via your GP


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If you are going on holiday and unfortunately have to take a BUDDY® cover with you, we would love to hear from you so we can build up a photo album of BUDDY® abroad.


Please send your photo to sales@buddycover.com – thank you

Diabetes: Flash Glucose Monitors on arms

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Diabetes and buddy® covers

Some  patients have arm sensors inserted on their upper arm.   These come with a separate touchscreen reader device. When the reader device is swiped close to the sensor, the sensor transmits both an instantaneous glucose level and eight-hour trend graph to the reader.

The disposable sensor lasts 14 days and stays in situ during this time.

QOL make a buddy® waterproof cover to protect Flash monitoring devices for diabetes in the shower, called a PICC line/Isolated wound cover.  Please click the product link to see more details.  PICC line/Isolated wound

This product is available on Prescription- download Prescription Request Form

See more details on the flat monitoring device and general information on Diabetes UK 



Caring for the Elderly – Showering and Bathing

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Beryl - Caring for the elderly blog - buddy® covers

buddy® covers are an easy, gentle solution for keeping wound dressings dry in the shower and bath 

As carers, one of our many responsibilities is to maintain the personal hygiene of those we care for.  Our MD Joanna has experienced this 1st hand caring for her elderly relatives over a number of years.

“Skin tears and foot/leg ulcers are a big problem for elderly people when showering/bathing. Dressings have to be kept dry to prevent infection and re-dressing.” “According to UK statistics skin tears are usually on arms and hands around 80%, and round 42.5% are on delicate elderly skin.” 

Although waterproof wound dressings are now available, many cautious people opt for additional protection.

Waterproof wound covers are a great way to ensure this protection during a shower or bath – and we believe buddy® covers are the best protection for wounds.

buddy® covers are;

  • waterproof 

  • very soft and flexible

  • non-restrictive 

  • feel like a second skin

  • lightweight

  • reusable up to 30 times with careful use

  • submergible

  • made from latex free medical grade material

  • gentle on delicate skin

Click here to see our product range.

Another great review!

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Another happy customer – 27/06/2018

“I can’t believe how well it works, great in shower / bath. I haven’t been able to get leg wet so haven’t been able to swim since January, two days ago I was swimming locally in the sea with a dry leg.

Thank you for the most amazing isolated waterproof cover”

The Diabetes Show

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The Diabetes Show

Peter Allton – CEO of undefeeted.org is presenting a new radio show with UK Health Radio.

“The Diabetes show exists to serve 2 key purposes. Firstly to raise people’s awareness of the seriousness of the disease and its complications and secondly give hope to those living with it by empowering them to live as safely as possible with better blood glucose control and in the case of Type 2 even reverse it. Guests will range from experts in their field be it medicine, nutrition, fitness, and you the person living every day with the disease. Sometimes we will inspire you, motivate you and probably sometimes scare you but we promise always to give you value in return for the gift of your time listening to us. Got a question for us –just let us know and we’ll endeavour to answer it both personally and on air on a subsequent week. (Remember no question is a silly one, if your wondering what is the answer, guaranteed there will be other listeners also wondering the same thing.)”

As a Podiatrist Peter has extensive experience and can answer any questions you may have. If you or someone you know is affected by Diabetes, this is the show for you!

How we can help

If you have diabetic ulcers or an amputation buddy® waterproof re-usable covers can help to maintain your daily hygiene routines, or even gentle exercise in the swimming pool. Soft, comfortable with a gentle and non-restrictive seal buddy® covers keep your dressings dry.

Click here to view our product range. 

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