buddy® Leg opening Waterproof Wound Covers – Shower, Bath & Swim
Submerging a BUDDY® cover

Gently slip on your cover over the affected area and pull up. The  material is flexible & comfortable

When submerging for the bath,
pull the corners down slightly to release the air. This will create a smooth 1 cm deep waterproof seal. For the shower you do not need to release as much air

Showing how to release the air in water
Pull gently on the corners to release the air

buddy® waterproof wound cover – Shower, Bath & Swim

Always choose a longer product for swimming, go one
length longer. Instead of short leg buy a medium leg, &
instead of a medium leg buy a long leg

You can use your BUDDY® for up to 1 hour at a time &
with careful use it is re-usable up to 30 times.

When you take it off, pat dry gently with a towel