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December 2018

Another Happy Customer Review – PICC line/Isolated Wound Cover

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Another Happy Customer Review –  PICC line/Isolated Wound Cover for smaller dressed wounds – 27/06/2018

“I can’t believe how well it works, great in shower / bath. I haven’t been able to get leg wet so haven’t been able to swim since January, two days ago I was swimming locally in the sea with a dry leg.

Thank you for the most amazing isolated waterproof cover”

We are grateful for any feedback on our product range, thank you.

Stitches/Stapled Wounds in the Shower? – How to Keep them Clean & Dry

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How to keep them clean and dry…

with a BUDDY® waterproof protective cover


Stitches/staples on wounds should be kept clean & dry in the shower to avoid infection or re-suturing.

This can be difficult in the shower, but our waterproof  protective covers are designed for this.

Made from latex free, medical grade material they are soft & flexible

When submerged in water, the air is released through the seal, & the cover clings like a second skin.  This allows flexibility in fingers and hands to wash.  We also produce an isolated wound cover with 2 apertures for smaller areas which leaves hands and feet free.

Our covers are 35 cm long & have small, medium& large apertures to fit all limb sizes

If you need further advice:

Call UK Freephone 0800 2700074/5

Email: sales@buddycover.com

Talk via the blue chat window on our website – we will always come back to you ASAP if we are not available immediately


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