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BUDDY® Full arm protective waterproof wound covers keeps your wound dressings & bandages DRY in the Shower, Bath & Pool.

The full arm cover is 80 cm in length for adults & 51 cm in length for children reaching to just below the shoulder.

*BUDDY®  covers can be used to cover casts, providing the cast’s sharp edges are protected with material. Please follow the instructions carefully!

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Product Description

Why BUDDY® Full Arm Cover?

Full Arm covers keep wound dressings & bandages DRY from your hand to your shoulder in the Bath, Shower & Pool

They are suitable for adults & children, measuring 80 cm long for an adult, & 51 cm long for a child. ‘ We have you covered’ 

For babies we recommend the short arm cover at 35 cm long

BUDDY®  covers are comfortable, flexible, submersible, & have a ‘unique’ non-restrictive seal that is kind to delicate skin

The unique seal forms a 1 cm ‘ring’ around the fleshy part of the limb making the cover waterproof

These covers are comfortable & lightweight, not thick, heavy or bulky like other products on the market.

Air can be refreshed via the seal avoiding heat build-up & keeping you cool!

Our covers cling to your limb like a ‘second skin’ once air is removed, and still allow a degree of flexibility in water

They are-reusable up to 30 times with careful use – some customers have had them for months!  

Follow the instructions carefully, we are always on hand to offer advice via UK FREEPHONE 0800 2700074/5, or email sales@buddycover.com.  

We also have a chat window on line during normal office hours

The medical grade latex-free material is made in the Netherland & the covers produced in the UK

How to measure:  Please measure carefully 

 PRODUCT LENGTH: 80 cm for adults & 51 cm for children, babies choose short arm


Measure in cm around the fleshy part of the arm below the shoulder.

Adult  30 – 40 cm. Adult Small 30cm – 40cm
Adult  40 – 50 cm. Adult Medium 40cm – 50cm
Adult 50 – 60 cm. Adult Large 50cm – 60cm
Child  30 – 40 cm. Child Small 30cm – 40cm
Child  40 – 50 cm. Child Medium 40cm – 50cm

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Child Medium 30cm – 40cm, Child Large 40cm – 50cm, Adult Small 30cm – 40cm, Adult Medium 40cm – 50cm, Adult Large 50cm – 60cm