buddy® Short leg Waterproof Wound Covers – Shower, Bath & Swim

Short Leg Cover


Short Leg covers cling like a second skin protecting wound dressings & bandages in the shower & bath. Lightweight, latex free, & easy to use for all ages & sizes.

*BUDDY® covers can be used to cover casts, but the cast’s sharp edges must be protected with a sock/tubi grip. Please follow the instructions carefully and double check your size!

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Product Description

Sizing:  35cm long with a formed foot, reaches to lower calf on an adult & below the knee on a child, not suitable for babies


SHORT LEG – 35 cm long

Adult  20 – 30 cm. Adult Small 20cm – 30cm
Adult  30 – 40 cm. Adult Medium 30cm – 40cm
Adult  40 – 50 cm. Adult Large 40cm – 50cm
Child  20 – 30 cm. Child Small 20cm – 30cm
Child  30 -40 cm. Child Medium 30cm – 40cm
Child  40 – 50 cm. Child Large 40cm – 50cm

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Additional information

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Baby Small 20cm – 30cm, Baby Medium 30cm – 40cm, Child Small 20cm – 30cm, Child Medium 30cm – 40cm, Adult Small 20cm – 30cm, Adult Medium 30cm – 40cm, Adult Large 40cm – 50cm, Adult Extra Large 50cm – 60cm