Beach buddy®

By 22nd November 2018September 14th, 2020Waterproof covers

Beach BUDDY® –  waterproof covers to protect wound dressings on legs & arms from sand & water 

Don’t miss out sitting on the beach. Keep your dressings clean & dry with a BUDDY® cover

It is disheartening to sit on the side lines watching everyone else enjoy the beach. Nearly all of us will experience this at some point in our lives due to a limb injury of some kind.  BUDDY® covers can help…

Beach BUDDY® is a waterproof cover for wound dressings that is soft & flexible, acting like a second skin


We recommend using BUDDY® an hour at a time.  The air can be refreshed inside periodically by gently pulling the corner seal  to keep the limb cool, or you can cool down paddling in the sea.

buddy® waterproof wound cover - beach buddy
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