Jon Bryant – wishes he could have given buddy® a “TRY”

By 17th November 2016 December 21st, 2018 Waterproof covers


Jon Bryant wishes he could have given buddy® a “TRY”

I played professional rugby for 10 years & endured countless operations to my knees. Simple things like washing became a huge burden on my family around me. I was not capable of washing without fear of getting the dressings wet. There were times where I hit an all time low as things such as taking a shower or bath were impossible on my own. having discovered the Buddy product I only wish this was available when I was playing. You cant put a measure on someone’s self esteem and this certainly would have helped me re gaining my independence. Not only that with the Buddy product you have the  ability to be able to swim and use the hydrotherapy pool, this would have had a major benefit in my recovery program allowing me to get back to full fitness sooner. As a sports person all you want to do is get back to the thing you love doing best.” – Jon Bryant 2016.

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