Latest News – PICC line/Isolated wound cover – new design

By 21st November 2018 December 10th, 2018 Waterproof covers



We have re-designed & improved the PICC line/Isolated wound cover which has strengthened the apertures to give more protection for wound dressings/bandages & PICC lines on smaller isolated areas on limbs

With our manufacturing associates, Arrow Medical we are constantly looking at innovative new designs & products to add to the buddy® range.

35 cm long in the following size apertures:-

CC/30/20 – Limb circumference up to 27cm (very small)

CC/40/30 – Medium to fit limb circumference up to 40cm

CC/50/40 – Large up to 50cm

CC/60/50 – Extra large – up to 60cm

Available on Prescription via your GP

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