buddy® leg amputation – protective waterproof stump cover – shower, bath & swim

BUDDY® Waterproof Leg Amputee Cover – Stump Protection


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BUDDY® amputee leg covers –  protective waterproof stump cover for the shower, bath or swimming pool. Lightweight and easy to use they are suitable for all ages and sizes 

This cover comes in two lengths for below knee 51cm long,  and above knee amputations  is 35 cm long, to reach to mid thigh.


Product Description


Why choose BUDDY®?


They are the most and comfortable waterproof cover on the market
BUDDY® covers cling to your limb like a second skin – perfect for wounds.
Very lightweight and flexible with a gentle non-restrictive seal that is kinder to delicate skin.
Great protection for non-waterproof & waterproof wound dressings for baths and showering, even gentle swimming in the swimming pool or sea.
Not thick, heavy or bulky like other covers on the market which can cause heat build up.
BUDDY® has a unique seal that allows you to release and refresh the air flow – keeping you cool!

How to measure:

Measure in cm around the fleshy part of the upper thigh.
Adult & childAbove knee thigh measurement 30 – 40 cm.Above knee 30cm – 40cm
Adult & childAbove knee thigh measurement 40 – 50 cm.Above knee 40cm – 50cm
Adult & childAbove knee thigh measurement  50 – 70 cm.Above knee 50cm – 70cm
Adult & childAbove knee thigh measurement  70 – 90 cm.Above knee 70cm – 90cm
Adult & childBelow knee thigh measurement 30 – 40 cm.Below knee 30cm – 40cm
Adult & childBelow knee thigh measurement  40 – 50 cm.Below knee 40cm – 50cm
Adult & childBelow knee thigh measurement 50 – 70 cm.Below knee 50cm – 70cm
Adult & childBelow knee  thigh measurement 70 – 90 cm.Below knee 70cm – 90cm

How to use:

buddy® waterproof wound cover – Shower, Bath & Swim

Gently stretch aperture open, insert your leg. Pull carefully on the top corner to release the air, the cover will form a waterproof seal approximately 1 cm deep.
For showering, you’re ready to go!

For use in the bath, swimming or hydrotherapy pool
Submerge your limb slowly carefully releasing the air by pulling on the top corner. Your BUDDY® will cling to your limb like a second skin. You can now fully submerge in the water with confidence. We recommend wearing your buddy® cover for a maximum of one hour, it will last up to 30 times with careful use.

Additional information

Leg amputation covers

Below knee 30cm – 40cm, Below knee 40cm – 50cm, Below knee 50cm – 70cm, Below knee 70cm – 90cm, Above knee 30cm – 40cm, Above knee 40cm – 50cm, Above knee 50cm – 70cm, Above knee 70cm – 90cm